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Why webcam porn chat with Bijelo Dugme is not available any more

11/21/2016 admin 0

Why hasn’t Bijelo Dugme been on webcam porn chat via Skype?

The world is asking, and no one has had answers until now. Sure, everyone remembers the Yugoslav band for their awesome music for that decade and a half that they were around, and while many would love for a full album reunion, there are many like me wondering why they haven’t been on the videophone app in quite awhile.


Not being on Skype could be the biggest mistake since Diskoton record label heard their “Ove ću noći naći blues” recording and decided that it wasn’t good enough for their label. Yeah, right… and my earlobes are blue. It’s probably not that big of a deal, but still… imagine all the great stories that Bigelo Dugme could tell from their recording sessions or all the times they went on tour.


I’ve compiled reasons I believe that they haven’t been on hot webcam porn. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Jadranko Stanković never really felt like he fitted in with the rest of the band. Sad, really. He was always so standoffish until the group finally excluded him; he probably feels like it would happen again. Honestly, man, if the world can play Pokemon go! with complete strangers while trying to find Onix, we can all be his friend.

2. It could be a “Hop Cup”-like situation. They may just not care about live webcam porn. Like the song, they thought about kissing and not kissing the girl because she claimed to be “too young” so they went for someone else, but in the end kissed the girl because they didn’t care. Maybe the song was a “prophecy” about skype… sort of like how some singers write about their death before death. Maybe, they just don’t care enough to join us. This is getting deep, y’all.


3. Back in day, they were worried about making their darling mad because they looked at another besides their darling. Can it be also that choosing vines over skype or the other way around has caused such division that they’ve chosen neither. If the lyrics to “Šta ću nano dragi mi je ljut” has any indication of what they may have been feeling, they can make the webcam their darling in this situation and apologize later for thinking about vines. Besides, vines are going out of business soon, and we’ll still be here waiting for them in webcam porn via gomixie to announce their next reunion.


4. Pokemon Go! Let’s be honest, no one is on webcam porn show as much as they once were. With Pikachu to catch, Meowths hanging off people’s balconies and friends to join teams together to prove who is the pokemon master, who has time to be on webcam porn live as much anymore. They may not be young anymore, but I’ve seen grannies pushing children out the way to make sure that they’re the best no one ever was.

Alright, so maybe we don’t know the reasons why our favorite Yugoslav rock band is not on Skype, but at least, we still have one another to comfort ourselves. I’m still saying number four sounds pretty legit.…